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“Newest hotspot... Best in the world... Most in the world.” You have heard these terms used many times in the sporting world. In the world of high-volume dove hunting, Argentina's Salta Province truly is all of those things.

Quoting from writer Gary R. Zahn in Shooting Sportsman magazine:

“Imagine hearing the subdued yet audible roar of more than a million eared doves’ wingbeats as the birds erupt from late-afternoon feeding fields. Rolling in waves across harvested soybean and peanut fields, the doves accumulate in locust-like swarms, then join undulating flight lines headed for the nearby roost. Like spokes in a wheel, incoming flights approach to refill the staging and watering areas, then depart for their nighttime haunts. Words cannot do justice to such an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature.”

When we say the best in Argentina high-volume gunning, we mean high-volume. We have had guests shoot more than 200 boxes in a day here. 5000 shells. That is not a misprint!

Besides the amazing dove hunting, guests also have the option to shoot spot-winged and picazuro pigeons or spin or fly fish for South America’s renowned golden dorado, whose reputation for hard strikes, acrobatic leaps and finger-burning runs makes them one of the world’s most sought-after gamefish. Both activities are accessed from the same lodge.

Well respected Argentine outfitter Floro Lavalle has pioneered the dove shooting and fishing in Salta province over the last decade. With Lavalle, not only will you have the sporting trip of a lifetime, you will find that the details have been attended to—from efficient airport transfers to fine dining with excellent wines to highly professional hunting and fishing guides to any and all special touches that make for a truly great trip. Lavalle’s beautiful new 20,000 sq. ft. lodge, Estancia Chacu, sits in a picturesque hillside location on a 4,000 acre private ranch quite close to several huge dove roosts.

  • Lavalle has a fantastic selection of high-quality shotguns available for rent, including new Benelli and Beretta autoloaders. Of course the guns are transported to and from the field for you, and cleaned after each use.
  • Lavalle has private access to many of Salta Province's finest dove shooting ranches and roosting areas, and he takes particular pride in offering a variety of bird shooting styles and options. And there are no long drives to the shooting areas. Hunts can literally be as close as ten minutes travel, and very rarely do they require more than 1 hour travel.
  • Lavalle provides only high-quality shells, as is not always the case with other Argentine hunting outfitters.
  • The meals and service are truly first-class, and a staff of professional masseuses is always on hand to administer to sore shoulders.
  • Rod & Gun Resources provides each guest with very detailed Salta Pre-Trip Information that is the best in the industry.
  • Rod & Gun Resources offers our clients single rooms as a general policy and we make our groups private for as few as six hunters.

The season for doves in Salta is year-round. Pigeons are best April-September. Dorado fishing is best September through May.

Rod & Gun Resources is your U.S. connection to all of South America's finest bird hunting destinations. We have sent more than 20,000 American gunners to Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia over the last 25 years.

Our knowledgeable staff will expertly arrange all aspects of your trip-of-a-lifetime, so call us at 1-800-211-4753 today for details and be one of the lucky sportsmen who experiences Salta's amazing shooting and fishing.

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Cost: Hunting $695/day, plus shells at $13/box (subject to change), gun rental and tips.
Fishing: $4195 for 6 nights/5 days of fishing--single occupancy if possible.
Year Round
Many excellent carriers, such as American Airlines, Delta, United, Lan Chile, Aerolineas Argentinas and Varig offer flight service to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Dallas, New York, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. Most of the flights depart the U. S. in the evening and arrive Argentina early to late morning the next day. From Buenos Aires, shooters/anglers take a two-hour jet flight north to Salta City. Estancia Chacu is around two hours (by van) from the Salta airport.
You might also find our Salta Planning and Packing Information (PDF) helpful. References are available.